C&D Best Choice,For All Applications: Security Systems



Infrastructure – public building


Public transportation


Oil & Gas, Chemical industry

Building emergency lighting and Security Systems:   Mass transportation: Metro lines   Off shore platform, chemical industry
Emergency Power Supply (EPS)
Back up time up to 1 hour,
High reliability,
Float charge application, 48V to 400Vdc
•Need for multiple applications:
•UPS, control room, ticketing, security,   track signalization,
•long back up,
•High DC voltage (e.g.: 24 to 400 Vdc)
•Power back up for switchgear operation, fire and gas detection systems,
•Industrial UPS – 220 Vdc,
•Small UPS system for e-payment in petrol stations,
•Harsh installation conditions
 (e.g. Outdoor )

C&D – LBT battery is best choice


C&D – MPS battery is best choice


C&D – GEL battery is best choice


12V-LBT  advantages:


12V-MPS advantages:


12V-GEL advantages:

•Ability for long time discharge at low ampere rate,
•Robust plate for extended life.
•Short recharge time
•7-10 years design lifetime
  •Design for multi purpose application,
•Increased plate area for higher electrical capacity,
•Product range from 7 to 242 Ah
•10 years design life time.
  •Designed for frequent deep cycles
•Robust plates suitable for high power density & extended cycle lifetime.
•Gel electrolyte adapted to wide temperature range.
•Gas recombination 99%,
•maintenance free
•15 years design lifetime

Other option:


Other option:


Other option:

12V-MPS battery blocks up to 242 Ah.
•10years design life time.
2V- LBT battery blocks for budget sensitive projects
12V MPS battery system up to 242 Ah,
•10 years life time.






•On rack in vented battery room (temperature control 25°C)
•In battery cabinet.
•On racks, embedded in UPS, in battery cabinets
•In switchboard room, on rack or outdoor enclosure


  • Microsoft-Italy,
  • Agriculture bank of China,
  • New York City Bank-USA,
  • Deutsche Bank-Hong kong,