C&D Best Choice,For All Applications: Nuclear


Power plant – switchgears & control


Nuclear plant – safety systems


Hybrid generators – transfer cycles


Critical Switchboards & control:   Nuclear plant class 1E products:   Hybrid generator: source transfer
•Protection of switching, monitoring, and communication equipment,
•High DC voltage (e.g.: 120Vdc),
•Peak power demand to operate circuit breakers, (e.g.: 1 minute)
•Long back up (up to 8hours) at low rate and sudden high rate.
•Nuclear qualification (i.e.: seismic & environmental requirements)
•Approved quality system (re: 10CFR50 & 10CFR21)
•Experience in nuclear power plants.
•Energy storage for smooth power source transfer (e.g.: utility to diesel generator or solar and wind generators)
•Ability for high number of cycle & partial state of charge operation (PSOC),
•Typical deep of discharge (DOD= 50%).
•Extended temperature range.

C&D – XTH battery is best choice


C&D – KCR、LCR、LCY、LCUN  batteries are best choice


C&D – DCS & VR Solar battery are best choice


2V-XTH advantages:


2V-KCR advantages:

12V-DCS VR Solar advantages :
•Lead – Calcium Flooded battery,
•Design for cycle duty or float service,
• widest range up to 4000 Ah,
•20 years design life time.
   (float service at 25 °C)
•Proprietary C&D manufacturing process,
•Specific charging process to ensure reliable initial capacity and performance over life time.
•Product range from 50 to 2300 Ah
•20 years design life time.
•Designed for frequent deep cycles (e.g.: 1800 cycles at 50% DOD & 5 hour rate.
•Robust plates suitable for high power density & extended cycle lifetime.

Other option


Other option


Other option

2V-LBT battery blocks up to 3000Ah.
•VRLA battery, Lead –Calcium technology,
•Maintenance free,
•15 years design life time.
2V-LBT battery blocks for non-class 1E applications,
48V- MSE battery system up to 600 Ah,
•Pre-assembled high density battery function,
•High reliability and ability to handle cycles in harsh installation conditions.






•On rack in vented battery room (temperature control 25°C)
On Nuclear qualified Rack ,(seismic & environmental requirements)
•In generator switchboard cubicle


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