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  • 2017-03-13Inaugural function of C&D India Office

The inaugural function of our India Office went off very well with the blessings of ALMIGHTY on March 9-10. To be highly appreciated, Many customers from the Industry as AMCO, EXIDE, AMARON, PRESTOLITE, BANKERS (HSBC), COMPANY AUDITOR, LOCAL VIPS, Schneider, Emerson, Socomec, Neowatt, Eaton etc. had visited our new office to take part in our function and conveyed their best wishes & good luck to C&D. Those who could not make it had conveyed their best wishes by phone, WhatsApp & mail and even promised to visit at their convenience.

During the family celebration, a lot of discussions were focused on HRT, MRX & MRXF models among the visitors in addition to 2V series. In fact they were enthusiastic to see C & D 12V HRT models made in India. At the same time, we got an initial order for billing worth INR.10. Lacs (USD $ 14,705)from our distributor, many thanks and it was a very good start and a wishing good success of C&D India office.


This function had established very close contact with our customers, and built trust and confidence among us. C&D would continue to increase investment in technology and products, to provide better products and services to the industry partners.