C&D Best Choice,For All Applications: Date Center -UPS

Large Data Centre   Computer Room   Small Data Centre
Large Data Centre   Computer Room   Small Data Centre
•Super critical "Tier 4" installation,
•High power request (800KW & more),
High efficiency to save on operating expenses (OPEX)
High rate discharge and reliability,
Mid size  UPS sites “Tier2 &3” installation,
High power request (#200kW),
High power density to save space in computer rooms,
Installation in battery cabinets or on racks,
Small size  UPS sites in office or server rooms,
Limited power request (e.g. 30 kW),
Single phase or three phase UPS,
Long  back up time requested 
  (i.e.: 1 hour or more)
C&D-DNT battery is best choice   C&D-DNT battery is best choice   C&D-MPS battery is best choice
12V-DNT advantages:   12V-DNT advantages:   12V-MPS advantages:
•Best power density
•Highest dischange ability,up to 785W/Cell@15min&1.67EPV 
widest range for optimal configuration.
Extra large battery modules up to 1000W per cell for giant UPS installation.
12 years design life time.
Smallest floor occupancy,
Short and long back up times to match installation design,
Widest range for optimal configuration & saving on capital expenditure (CAPEX)
12 years design lifetime.
Ability for long time discharge at low ampere rate,
Short recharge time                  
10 years design lifetime
Other option   Other option   Other option
12V-TEL Front terminal battery when occupied space is a concem.
2V-LBT battery blocks up to 3000Ah.
12V-MRX when 10y life time is acceptable and cost is a concern.(Exported product from Shanghai)
Multi purpose battery type 12V-LBT
for budget sensitive projects,
Installation:   Installation:   Installation:
•In specific battery room (temperature control 25°C)
•In specific battery room (temperature control 25°C)
•In specific battery cabinet in computer or in server room,
•On specific battery racks


  • Microsoft-Italy,
  • Agriculture bank of China,
  • New York City Bank-USA,
  • Deutsche Bank-Hong kong,