C&D Best Choice,For All Applications: Base Stations BTS


Large telecom. switching centre


Base Transceiver Stations (BTS)

  Cable Tele-Vision networks
Large Switching Centre: LSC, RSC.   Base Transceiver Station: BTS.   Cable TV networks: CATV.
•Super critical “Tier 4” installation,
•High power request (800kW & more),
•High and low voltage DC distribution networks,
•High reliability, and availability of power,
•Long autonomy time (e.g. 4hours)
•Small size transmission equipment,
•Outdoor station installed in remote & urban areas,
•Harsh climate conditions,
•Limited space for battery installation.
•Small size UPS sites in office or control rooms environment (e.g.. 5 kW),
•Larger three phase UPS, for broadband equipment protection (e.g..200 kW)
•Long back up time requested 
 (i.e.: 1 hour or more)

C&D - LBT battery is best choice


C&D - TEL battery is best choice


C&D - MPS battery is best choice


2V-LBT advantages:


12V-TEL advantages:


12V-MPS advantages:

•Best power density
•Highest discharge ability, up to 8475W/Cell@15min&1.65EPV
• widest range for optimal configuration.
• Extra large battery modules up to 1000W per cell for giant UPS installation.
•12 years design life time.
•Smallest floor occupancy,
•Slim line battery blocks to fit into
19-inches electronic racks,
•Special design for BTS installations
•True front access to terminals for ease of installation & safer maintenance
•No safety perimeter required.
•Ability for long time discharge at low ampere rate,
•Short recharge time
•10 years design lifetime
Other option  

Other option: Cycle 12V TEL


Other option: 12V-LBT

•Front terminal battery 12V-TEL type when occupied space is a concern.
2V-LBT battery blocks up to 3000Ah.
•Specially design battery for unstable utility networks, (e.g. remote areas)
•High ability to handle large number of charge / discharge cycles and partial state of charge,
•Multi purpose battery type 12V-LBT
for budget sensitive projects,






•In specific battery room (temperature control 25°C)
•In 19 inch telecom racks (temperature control 25°C or uncontrolled up to 40°C )
•Specific battery cabinet in office or control room environment.


  • Microsoft-Italy,
  • Agriculture bank of China,
  • New York City Bank-USA,
  • Deutsche Bank-Hong kong,